New Wire and Cable Machinery

A comprehensive range of new machinery for the wire and cable industry from our standard range of proven products is offered. We can also integrate new machinery into existing process lines.At Danross we draw upon over 30 years experience in designing, developing and manufacturing cable machinery manufacture.

The range includes:

Plastic Extrusion lines for insulating and sheathing

  • Cantilever and portal and flyer pay-offs
  • Input capstans and caterpillars
  • Extruders from 30mm to 150 mm screw diameter
  • Dieheads
  • Electrical control systems
  • Water cooling troughs
  • Exit capstans and caterpillars
  • Accumulators and dancers
  • Cantilever and portal take-ups
  • Dual Reelers
  • Measuring and gauging equipment

We can supply the above as complete lines or individual components to suit the application.

Wire Winding and Despatch Rewind lines

  • Cantilever pay-offs
  • Stem pack flyer pay-offs
  • Measuring equipment
  • Capstans
  • Cantilever take-ups
  • Enclosed take-ups
  • High Speed Rewind units
  • Tape Accumulators
  • Under Roller Pay-offs

For more information about New Wire and Cable Machinery, please contact us.

Wire Winder Line
630 Wire Winder Line
Twin Take-up Accumulator
Twin Take-up Accumulator
Wire Shaving Capstan
Wire Shaving Capstan
Simplex Dual Reeler & Capstan
Simplex Dual Reeler & Capstan