Spares, Support and Refurbishment

Cable manufacturing and wire production machinery can last for many years. However, this requires regular maintenance of the machinery, in accordance with the original design, and prompt replacement of worn or broken parts. At Danross Engineering, we have extensive experience of refurbishing and rebuilding old machinery, improving control systems and delivering machinery that is subsequently both more reliable and produces higher quality output.

CMS and Beaumont Spares Support and Refurbishment Services

Refurbished 1250 Cantilever Driven Pay-offBeaumont MachineryDanross own and maintain the drawings and contract records for Cable Machinery Spares and Beaumont Machinery. We can therefore supply genuine spare parts and technical information to support these brands.

Cable Machinery SparesBeaumont Machinery was formed in 1995 and Cable Machinery Spares (CMS) in 2006. Both supplied the wire and cable industries with extrusion lines, rewind lines and machine refurbishments.

If you have a requirement for spares, service or advice on these machines we will need to know the contract number (e.g. BM1111 or CMS1222) and we can offer genuine spares and access the contract information for advice.

Spares for Cable Machinery

Replacement Strander Under RollerWe can also source spares for any make of cable machinery.

Where spares cannot be readily sourced we offer a reverse engineering service to supply an equivalent proprietary part or manufacture from sample. This can range from a diehead part to a replacement extruder gearbox.

We undertake both mechanical and electrical refurbishment of cable making machinery to a high standard. Refurbished machines are tested to the same standards as our new machinery with on-site commissioning if required.

For more information about our Spares Support and Refurbishment Services, please contact us.