Fully Automatic Dual Reeler

Danross recently supplied a Fully Automatic Dual Reeler for wire and plastic tube applications. The machine was supplied fully tested before shipping and was commissioned on site.

The customer needed continuous spooling on an extrusion line with automatic changeover from full to empty reels. The automatic reel load/unload then removes the full reel and replaces it with an empty reel. The machine is then ready for the next reel changeover.

Fully Automatic Dual Reeler
Fully Automatic Dual Reeler

The empty reels are stored on an inlet ramp ready for loading. The full reels are placed on an outlet conveyor for removal to the storage area.

It is a feature of the machine that full reels are conveyed rather than rolled out of the machine. This prevents unwinding of the product when conveying the full reels. A centre anti-lashing guard is included to prevent the loose end on the full reel from hitting the empty reel at changeover.

The machine is supplied with all the electrical and pneumatic controls on board, for ease of installation and maintenance. Installation is completed by fitting the drum input and output tracks and bolting down the machine.

The operator HMI is used to adjust the reel traverse settings and select the product length between changeovers. The machine is programmed to changeover on exact length. Other functions available are manual load/unload and maintenance operations.

The changeover mechanism includes for self-cleaning cutters to free the full reel for unloading. The cutters then close as an empty reel is reloaded, ready for the next changeover.

Line speeds of up to 1000mpm and product diameters of 3 mm are accommodated with tension control supplied by a dancer.

Fully Automatic Dual Reeler by Danross Engineering: