Kukama Dual Reeler refurbishment

A KUKAMA 1000 dual reeler from the 1980s was recently received from storage and completely refurbished for use on a cable extrusion line. As part of a line upgrade a new belt wrap capstan was supplied with the dual reeler.

Kukama Dual Reeler refurbished and under test
Kukama Dual Reeler refurbished and under test

The scope of work was:

  • Replaced all bearings
  • New drive motors
  • New traverse motor
  • New air cylinders and valves
  • Strip down and repaint
  • New electrical control cubicle

The refurbishment started with a complete strip down, cleaning and repainting. The main bearings were replaced with new units. The existing DC drive motors were replaced with new AC motors. Air cylinders and solenoid valves were replaced with modern equivalents.

To bring the dual reeler up to modern safety standards a centre guard was introduced to protect the operator when changing drums, together with interlocked access doors.

The control dancer was fitted with new pulleys and an interlocked guard.

A new electrical control cubicle was supplied with AC invertor drive, PLC and safety circuits. The wiring on the dual reeler and to the control cubicle were supplied as new.

After reassembly the dual reeler was fully tested and commissioned in our factory using drums and cable supplied by the customer. After installation on site the machine was then commissioned and put into production, allowing continuous production on a cable extrusion line.

The advantages are: 12 weeks lead time, all new electric control system, pneumatic valves and cylinders resealed and new bearings for increased reliability and maintainability. The overall cost was 40% of a new machine with a faster delivery.