Vertical Screw Lift Stand Refurbishment

A 10 tonne Stollberger Vertical screw lift take-up was recently refurbished and converted to a driven pay-off stand for use on a cable stranding line.

Stolberger vertical screw lift refurbished
Stolberger vertical screw lift refurbished

The existing machine was originally supplied with a separate traverse and drive stand, which we refurbished for use on another line.

The screw lift stand was stripped down, cleaned, repaired and repainted. The main bearings were replaced and resealed. The lifting and transfer assemblies comprising screws, nuts and bearing housings were replaced with new components.

A new drive assembly was added to the existing gearbox/pintle assembly with a refurbished DC motor, roller chains and an additional helical reduction gearbox. The new drive was engineered to suit the new production requirements. Safety guards were supplied around the drive chain.

New limit switches, control pendants and wiring were supplied.

A control catenary dancer was refurbished at the same time.

The stand was finally tested and shipped to site. Another example of the effective renovation of existing machinery.