Maillefer Extruder Refurbishment

Danross recently refurbished two Maillefer 45 mm extruders sourced from the customer’s stock. The extruders were originally manufactured in the 1980s.

The refurbishment included:

  • Strip down, clean and repaint
  • Gearbox inspection, seals and bearings replaced.
  • New AC motor to replace DC motor
  • New screw and barrel
  • Replace broken heaters with new
  • New clamp and breaker plate
  • New sliding and rotating base support
  • New guard
  • Wiring renewed
Refurbished extruders
Refurbished extruders

The first step was to disassemble the extruders and examine the main components for wear. The drive gears were in good condition so new bearings and seals were fitted and the gearbox resealed.

The original DC drive motors were replaced with new AC motors and the drive belts replaced and ratios adjusted to get the required screw speed.

The screws and barrels were replaced with new. The screws were engineered for a new polymer and new clamps and delivery tubes were fitted.

The extruders were then reassembled onto a new support structure which allowed for both linear and rotational movement to suit the new production position. The machines were repainted and new guards fitted.

The heaters and fans were refitted with some heaters being replaced with new. All new wiring and thermocouples were included.

The extruders were then tested and shipped to site and are now in production.